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The SOSCAST hosted by Adam Sosnick is a pop culture financial podcast that breaks down Lifestyle, Relationships, and Money. He is joined by Sadia Khan and Natalya Delvalle.

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SOSCAST is a pop culture podcast that breaks down lifestyle, relationships, and money. Sos, a former broke jack of all trades, turned successful financial specialist, teaches you how to make and #savethatmoney, so you can be chillin and live your best life.

Adam “Sos” Sosnick bounced around the entertainment industries & nightlife scenes before focusing his attention on becoming a financial specialist. Sos is now a financial executive, public speaker, and show host for SOSCAST.

Sos utilizes his variety of experiences to break down complex financial topics into a simple language everyone can relate to and retain.

SOSCAST delivers “Value” plus “Tainment,” and comedy with commerce within his insightful conversations. There is no doubt that you will laugh and learn, and be highly entertained, while you learn how to #SAVETHATMONEY.

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0:00 – Start
4:59 – Why influencers travel to Dubai
14:12 – The biggest difference between Eastern and Western women
24:36- Is it hard to date outside your religion?
34:02- What guys should do if they don’t get any female attention
47:01- Do most women have a type?
57:07- Three things women can not resist in a man
1:06:01- Why are women obsessed with serial killers?
1:09:00- Why women are not into nice guys
1:13:50- Is a ‘hoe face’ detrimental to women’s attractiveness
1:18:36- Reaction to Tom Brady’s potential divorce
1:25:19- Sadia Khan on Andrew Tate

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