With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry having placed their roots in Southern California, 

It’s important to realize one very important fact. 

There will be an un-ending supply of news stories on this glamorous power couple in the middle of their high-profile family squabble halfway across the world. 

Here’s today’s headline; Meghan wants to know who in the royal family is calling her a bully, and darn it, she wants to know right now!

Simply put, she wants a name attached to the accusation. 

Like a top federal prosecutor on the trail of pressing charges against a dangerous criminal, Meghan wants access to all documents, and that includes text messages and emails. 

If I can add a couple suggestions for Meghan, don’t forget receipts to carrier pigeons if they were used, as well as surveillance video of any smoke signals. 

And morse code.  Don’t forget morse code!

Her people feel there is a “calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation” against her,” the Daily Mail reported. 

The Times of London had reported that Markle was responsible for creating a toxic work environment and even going so far as making staffers cry. 

Buckingham Palace announced they were launching an investigation into this. 

Stay tuned. At any moment this investigation could produce some potential damaging or suspicious hand-written notes, crafted with a feather pen dipped in ink, and written in perfect calligraphy. 

Or what about ham radio transmission?  This investigation could see no limits at all. 

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