Would you like a story that has nothing to do with politics, the economy, the global supply chain, COVID, debt ceilings or the divisiveness in the United States?

Well, here you go. 

Actor/director Ron Howard is coming clean about his days he starred as Richie Cunningham during the 1970’s and 80’s on the ABC hit show Happy Days. 

Turns out Howard was uber jealous of the screen time his co-star Henry Winkler was getting playing the role of bad boy Fonzie. 

How bad was it?  Howard said he developed a skin condition and his hair started falling out because Fonzie’s character was eclipsing his and more popular.  Howard said he was petrified that show creator Gary Marshall would change the show to “Fonzie’s Happy Days.”

“The biggest stressor of all was Fonzie. Not Henry [Winkler], but Fonzie. It did not escape my notice that as the season went on, the Fonz was getting more and more screen time. I didn’t handle my stress particularly well. I probably would have benefited from seeing a psychotherapist … Instead, I kept everything inside. Then I started breaking out in eczema rashes all over my body, most acutely on my eyelids … And my hair started thinning. Looking at the men on both sides of my family, I knew it was inevitable … But it started coming out in alarming clumps during this time.”

My goodness, he where was Ralph Malph to lend an encouraging word when he needed him?

Howard reveals this and much more in his new book called “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.”

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