A 2018 graphic adaptation of “The Diary of Anne Frank” was removed from a Florida high school’s library after some parents objected to the material. The content in question exhibits illustrations of Anne in bed with a female friend, proposing they expose their breasts to each other, as well as other sexually related topics. 

While some mainstream media outlets are misleadingly claiming book abolishment and using that claim as a politicized weapon, copies of the originally published diary, chronicling the Jewish teenager’s time hiding from the Nazis in German-occupied Amsterdam remain in the school systems’ libraries. While a book was technically removed, the eliminated text was not Frank’s monumental work that has been read by millions and translated into 70 different languages.

Cristen Maddux, a spokesperson for the School District of Indian River County, explained that Florida schools are required to teach about the Holocaust by law and nothing can possibly change in that respect.

“The feedback that the Holocaust is being removed from the curriculum and students aren’t knowledgeable about what happened–that is not the case at all,” Maddux said.

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