It wasn’t the pandemic, economy or poor management that caused a Delaware business to permanently shut down recently. According to the attorney for John Paul Mac Isaac, the repairman who worked on one of Hunter Biden’s laptops, it was the numerous death threats he apparently had received since the New York Post broke the story of what was contained on the Joe Biden’s son’s computer. “I’ve been in touch with federal law enforcement, yes,” Della Rocca said, in reference to the threats.

Attorney Della Rocca also said he didn’t know if his client had fled the country or is in hiding  somewhere.

In October, the New York Post published articles that suggested Hunter Biden tried to arrange a meeting between his father and an executive connected to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas firm that has long been accused of corruption, when Hunter sat on the board of the company. The campaign for Biden denied the claims, as did Hunter Biden’s lawyer.

The controversial story only got hotter when Twitter blocked the Post’s account and refused the story to be shared. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said following the Nov. 3 presidential election, that it was a mistake for his company to do that.

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