You don’t have to be a hardcore, seam-head baseball fan to find this pretty interesting, amusing, hilarious, creative, ruthless, or at the very least, entertaining. 

The Boston Red Sox pounded the Houston Astros in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series in Boston Monday night. 

After the game the Fox Sports broadcast crew was doing their postgame show outside the stadium. 

No big deal, that happens all the time.

Ah, yes, but here’s where it gets juicy.  Included in that broadcast team is former Red Sox legend David Ortiz, and former Yankee villain Alex Rodriguez, aka; A-Rod. 

Red Sox fans hate the Yankees.  Seriously, it’s literally in their DNA.  Red Sox fans are also not very fond of A-Rod, and they take advantage of every opportunity to let him know that.

Especially Monday night. 

A crowd of thousands of delirious fans were savagely, ruthlessly jeering A-Rod with as much passion and volume as they were proclaiming their love for Ortiz. 

It was incredible. As A-Rod was breaking down details of the game, the crowd was trolling  him with reminders of chapters of his personal life. 

For instance, here were some of the very audible chants you could pick up on the television broadcast. 

  1. “J-Lo”
  2. “Affleck”

It gets worse for A-Rod, who actually did an incredible job keeping his composure. 

The crowd hit him with this one.

“She left you with Ben Affleck.”

“What’s Your favorite Ben Affleck movie?

Red Sox fans are as creative as they are passionate.  It was an incredible scene. 

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