The fact that Donald Trump is currently having to battle multiple legal cases brought on by government prosecutors only serves to show the ‘rottenness’ of the U.S. political system in the eyes of the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented at the Eastern Economic Forum on Tuesday according to the Associated Press.

“As for Trump, for us what is happening in today’s conditions, in my opinion, is good because it shows the rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others democracy,” Putin remarked.

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Putin continued, saying, “We hear that Mr. Trump says that he will solve pressing problems in a few days, including the Ukrainian crisis. Well, this cannot but bring happiness. This is good.” He was referring to Trump’s claim that he would put an end to the Russo-Ukraine War just one day into office if reelected for a second term.

Putin was not overly optimistic about repairing U.S.-Russian relations, however. “What to expect from the future, no matter who the president is, it’s hard for us to say, but it’s unlikely that anything will change radically.” He accused the Biden administration of fomenting hatred against Russia, saying that it will “be very difficult for them to somehow turn this whole ship” in the other direction.

Trump was arrested in Fulton County, GA in August on charges of election interreference and subsequently plead not guilty. He has been indicted in three other cases: a federal case in Washington, D.C. on his alleged involvement in the so-called “insurrection” of Jan. 6, a case in New York regarding hush money he illegally paid Stormy Daniels, and a federal case in Florida regarding his alleged illegal housing of classified files at his Mar-A-Lago home. All of the indictments were unsealed between March and August 2023.

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