A court in Britain has ordered the ruler of Dubai to pay up in his divorce settlement. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum must pay his sixth wife (not a misprint) Princess Haya Mint Al Hussein over $332 million, and he must make ongoing payments to his 14 and 9-year old children that could total 385 million, depending on how long the kids live and if they eventually reconcile with their father. 

On top of that, the court ordered that the princess and kids receive almost $15 million to pay for security, which they say they need to be safe from Sheikh Mohammed. 

Here’s what the court said in their ruling about the security costs being legit. 

“They are particularly vulnerable and need water-tight security to ensure their continued safety and security in this country.”

Back in 2019, Haya fled to the U.K with her kids, saying she was terrified of her husband.  Haya knows a thing or two about royal life, as she is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan. 

Making things even more sticky is the fact that Sheikh Mohammed is a prominent horse breeder on top of being the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and he is a friend of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Some of the messy details that came out in the trial included that Sheikh Mohammed authorized the hacking of Princess Haya’s phone, although the prime minister denied that charge. 

This will go down as what is believed to be the highest divorce settlement case ever in an English court. 

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