COVID-19 continues to be at the forefront of almost every big story, and when you couple it with the presidential election, there’s little time to talk about anything else. Today plexiglass was called upon as the barrier of choice for the upcoming vice-presidential debate. Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence are scheduled to debate in Salt Lake City on Wednesday evening. The Biden-Harris campaign requested a plexiglass shield for the debate and apparently the Commission on Presidential Debates agreed to it.

This will mark the first debate since President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The debate in Salt Lake City is the first and only meeting scheduled between the two vice-presidential candidates.

Plexiglass was used as a virus precaution during a Saturday debate between democrat Jaime Harrison and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina.

Some democrats have recently expressed concern that President Donald Trump was contagious during his debate with former Vice President Joe Biden last week. At this point, Biden has continued to test negative for the virus.

In another move to further mitigate any transmission of the virus, Harris and Pence will be moved further apart than Trump and Pence were. The two vice-presidential candidates will be almost double the distance of Trump and Biden, at 7 to 13 feet apart.

Following this vice-presidential debate, the next two presidential debates are scheduled for Oct. 15 in Miami, and Oct. 22 in Nashville, Tenn. So far there have been no announced changes for either of those debates.

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