The results from Sunday’s PGA Championship in South Carolina are in.

The losers: The crowd control plan approaching the 18th green, and Brooks Koepka’s surgically repaired knee (the two go hand in hand). 

The big winner: Phil Mickelson who, at 50, became the oldest winner of any major tournament.

As Mickelson, playing with Koepka as the final grouping, headed down the fairway toward the green, the crowd began to surge. It became almost dangerous as some spectators made contact with the players – and lost in the jostling was Koepka.

The two-time PGA Championship winner and his caddie, Rickie Elliott, were engulfed for a few moments before emerging.

It wasn’t an enjoyable experience for Koepka.

“It would have been cool if I didn’t have a knee injury and got dinged a few times in the knee in that crowd because no one really gave a s–t,’’ Koepka said. 

“Yeah, it’s cool for Phil, but getting dinged a few times isn’t exactly my idea of fun. I was trying to protect my knee.’’

Recovering from a dislocated kneecap, Koepka was clearly shaken by the crowds.

“If I was fine, yeah, it would have been cool…. I don’t mind waiting or being in that crowd. I don’t know, it felt like somebody tried to, I don’t know what the deal was. Be putting it in ice (tonight). It feels like s–t right now.”

Koepka, who has four major victories, and South African Louis Oosthuizen finished 2 strokes behind Mickelson.

For his part, Mickelson tried to play it off with humor – before being made aware of Koepka’s comments.

“I thought he (Koepka) was slow playing me there,” Mickelson said, adding that the lax security procedures resulting in the oppressive crowds a “little unnerving.”

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