For someone who is officially “retired” from his day job of being a legendary quarterback, Peyton Manning sure is busy.

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in July. 

He’s currently hosting an alternate Monday Night Football broadcast with his brother Eli that is getting huge ratings on ESPN.

He’s being mentioned as a possible buyer of the Denver Broncos if and when they go on sale in the next few months. 

And, he’s cold-calling liquor stores in Indiana, trying to get them to stock his bourbon on their shelves. 

Sweetens Cove Tennessee Bourbon is the name of Manning’s whiskey, and he’s been hitting the phones hard, trying to get liquor stores to commit to the product before it officially launches. 

The Indianapolis Star talked to Peyton about it, and even got their hands on the script Manning is using on the calls. 

“Um. Hey, this is Peyton Manning. I’ve got a really good liquor brand called Sweetens Cove. It’s got the craziest story behind its name, you know. It’s smooth and I think your customers might like it. Would you be interested in, um, trying it out?”

Having the name Peyton Manning in Indianapolis is no doubt an advantage.  Is there anyone liquor store owner in Indy that wouldn’t want Manning’s bourbon?

“I do at least kind of get a response and call back. But the bourbon has to do it after that. It has to be good,” he told the newspaper. 

Here’s a suggestion for Peyton that would allow him to give up the cold calling for good.  Start drinking it on your ESPN broadcast with your brother.  It would sell out in hours. 

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