What Drives You To Succeed?

When it comes to work
I get really excited about the prospect of
I am most motivated by
I tend to look for ways I can
I’ll know I have done something with my life when I
I prefer to consume content on the topic of
Across my life, I'm most proud of
I would totally regret it if I never
The kind of person I admire most is…
I hate it when I
I feel amazing when I
People complain I'm too much of a(n)
The best compliment you can give me is
My friends say
When I choose how to spend my spare time I
My idea of a good day is
After making big money, I have a tendency to
The people I am most likely to seek out to teach me something important are
I often worry I'm not doing enough to
I fantasize about
If I could choose anyone to spend time, it would be
When I have a really challenging and difficult task in front of me, it helps me to summon the fire of
If I knew my life would be over in a week, I would
The kinds of things that sometimes keep me up at night are
If I had a million dollars to do anything I wanted with and didn't need it to support my living, I'd
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