In this episode, Patrick Bet-David is joined by Jedediah Bila, Thomas Ellsworth, Vincent Oshana & Adam Sosnick.


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    • That would be amazing, Jordan Peterson has been working on something similar and will probably start next year. Definitely looking forward to PDB University.
      I also think that having some sort of community of people with likeminded values would help a lot of people.

  • Amazing episode! Greag to have all you toghether like this and glad to see you still online despite the strike.
    Seems like having your own platform and other options as well is becoming more a more needed in this censorship prone times.
    I keept thinking about The Matrix movie during the episode… not sure why 😉

  • PBD, I just accidentally found it here on your site.

    One request: Is there any way to put a 10-15 second fast forward and rewind button on your site? I normally watch on Youtube, even though I am a member, because I watch while at work (don’t worry, I am an attorney and own my own office. So, I am the only one, besides clients, that can fire me.). I normally miss something or hear something and think I missed something and try to rewind. When I do it with these sites it skips way too far back or forward. Peace LITTLEROCK ATTORNEY ON YOUTUBE.

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