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00:01:48 – Going On Rogan
00:07:39 – How PBD Prepared For Andrew Tate Interview
00:15:36 – The 70/30 Rule Of Selfishness
00:23:17 – Having A Relationship With God
00:30:58 – Why God Allows Evil To Exist
00:34:28 – How To Deal With Bullies
00:43:51 – The Ultimate Gift
00:57:09 – Books That Everyone Should Read
01:01:09 – Knowing When You’re Ready For Kids
01:04:04 – ESG System Is Crooked
01:12:27 – Should The President Be A US Citizen
01:20:43 – Why God Should Be In Public Schools
01:22:31 – LGBT Vs Religion
01:31:26 – Deciding What Guests To Platform
01:37:25 – Reacting To Mia Khalifa’s Viral Marriage Clip


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