Sardinia is arguably, one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

The Mediterranean island of Sardinia is offering €15,000 each (approximately $14,976) to individuals who are interested in becoming a resident of the island.

The Sardinian government has allocated  €45 million to subsidize 3,000 grants of up to $15,000 each in an effort to boost their economy.

Calabria, an Italian region, is also offering potential new residents $33,000 each to relocate to the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, which offered people up to $52,500 in grants to move and work there.

Island hopping around Budelli Island, part of La Maddelena archipelago. Image by Nick Ledger / AWL Images

To qualify for the grant, potential residents must purchase or renovate a house in an area with a population of less than 3000.

The grant cannot exceed more than 50% of the total cost of the house purchase or renovation.

Recipients are required to live in Sardinia full-time, all year round, and gain permanent residency in Sardinia within 18 months of arrival.

The island is approximately 9,300 square miles, making it the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily (the 1st) and before Cyprus (the 3rd).

What makes Sardinia extra special is that it’s one of the places where people live the longest in the world.

Sardinia is one of the only five “Blue Zones” in the world, areas where residents often reach the old age of 100 years.

If you’ve ever wanted to move abroad, now is probably one of the best times ever, considering all the remote-work opportunities.

If not, you could always work at a bread bakery, a beach bar, or something within the field of tourism. The positive side of living in Europe is that it doesn’t cost too much to get by.

Everyone in Europe is a minimalist, but not necessarily by choice. 

Before you pull the plug…

However, before you consider your move, keep in mind that your lifestyle may not be what you are normally accustom to.

The Italian government or E.U. might enforce you to use a limited amount of electricity. In fact, they are suggesting to unplug all electrical items when not in use in an effort to conserve energy due to the shortage.

Gas is also going to be super expensive, but you can always buy an electric vehicle! Or just ride a donkey.

Sardinia is famous for its turquoise blue waters, ancient ruins, and delicious, organic food.

Get ready to O.D. on pizza, pasta, and veal parmesan.

For the more athletic types, the island has more than 1,200 miles of coastline with sandy beaches, beautiful mountains, and hiking trails for your new scenic workouts.

You might even spot some albino donkeys!

If Sardinia doesn’t work out, you could just move to Arkansas, which is offering a similar program to attract more residents.

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