The police chief for Uvalde schools in Texas, where 19 children were murdered last week, has stopped cooperating with authorities investigating the shooting. Reports say Pedro Arredondo was in command and made the horrible decision not to allow the more brave police officers and Border Patrol agents on the scene at Robb Elementary to charge into the classroom and take out the 18-year-old killer. 

Amazingly, Arredondo has not responded to Texas Rangers. They have been trying for days to get a follow-up interview to figure out why he made the terrible decision that many believe cost lives, including Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw. 

While Arredondo has drawn national scorn for what appears to be very poor decision-making and weak leadership skills, incredibly, he was sworn in as a member of the Uvalde, Texas, city council on Tuesday.  You read that correctly; on the day funerals were begun to be held in a community still in shock, the top cop at the school district that was the sight of one of the most horrific school tragedies in history was officially becoming a city council member. 

There wasn’t a ceremony for his swearing-in. While that seems like the right call on the surface, maybe if there had been one, it would have forced Arredondo to face authorities who wanted answers from him.

Here’s part of a press release from the mayor, Don McLaughlin. 

“Out of respect for the families who buried their children today, and who are planning to bury their children in the next few days, no ceremony was held.” 

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