If you are planning on visiting New York City next week, you may want to consider private security. 

Oh, and watch out for all the garbage that might be piling up around the city. 

The COVID vaccine mandate pushed through by they Mayor takes effect November 1, and as of now, 22% of the 36,000 cops, 35% of the 10,951 firefighters, and 20% of the city’s 10,000 EMS workers are unvaccinated. Let’s not forget 23% of the 7,200 sanitation workers too. 

The city employees had until 5 PM Friday to prove that had at least one shot in order to receive a $500 bonus. The question is what happens to the workers who have not been vaccinated next week? 

Bill de Blasio has said the unvaccinated will be placed on unpaid leave Monday.  The city is outraged, with protests breaking out all over.  Incredibly, up to 150 fewer ambulances may be available and 40% of the firehouses may have to close. 

Read that paragraph again and let that sink in to get a full grasp of this and what could happen. 

Crime has been surging, with robberies, murders and felony assaults all skyrocketing. 

Firefighters rallied outside de Blasio’s home Thursday, and garbage workers have been skipping the pickup at his house. 


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