In this video, Patrick Bet-David recaps his recent shocking experience at a California restaurant that he once loved.

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Patrick went to California last week to speak at Chase Bank’s Small Business “Make Your Move” Summit about his entrepreneurial experience.

While he was there, he visited a restaurant he used to frequent with his family, and found that their customer service was very different from the last time he had been there.

Watch as he turns this bad eating experience into a business lesson.

“The moment you screw up service, it’s done with … I value service so much because you can always improve [the product]. … Great service matters. … This is not a rant about restaurants, this is a rant about any business owner out there — operator, executive, anybody — the expectation of making sure the experience of your customer doesn’t drop off. And when you identify your ideal customer, you realize how valuable they are. Never, ever take a customer for granted.”

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