A group of NYPD officers support the Gay Pride community during the NYC Parade in this photo by Advocate.com. The NYPD were recently banned by parade organizers

Last month, the Gay Pride Parade organizers decided to ban the NYPD from participating in the parade until 2025 because apparently, due to the influence of the latest social media Mob bandwagon, many in the LGBT community say cops make them feel “unsafe.” Yet organizers have not publicly stated that they DON’T want the NYPD to patrol the streets in case of potential harm. Because, realistically, no amount of social workers and Mayor DeBlasio “violence interruptors” can effectively exemplify any degree of protection. The Mob knows it. We know it. Everyone with a reasonably working brain knows this.

Let’s keep the NYPD out of the march but still have them armed and on foot overlooking the event, they say, even though we hate that cops have guns. We could tell Fuhrer DeBlasio to bring in his civilian army. But we won’t, because the Toy Soldiers concept only viably operates in a utopian online world run by keyboard warriors.

Now, the back-and-forth has begun. Organizers of the parade that’s taking place on June 27th, Heritage of Pride, voted May 20th to reverse the decision and allow the NYPD to march in the parade. Immediately after, however, the votes were revoked. And so as it stands, once again, the NYPD cannot participate. A group of LGBT officers, named Gay Officers Action League, expressed displeasure with the decision to be banned. Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill DeBlasio, NYC’s mayoral caricature, called the organizers’ decision “a mistake”– but the only mistake involving DeBlasio is his dual election into office. His opinion is null, void, and unwarranted.

Listen. Enough begging the bullying Mob for approval and acceptance. It’s time to selectively submit to their demands and embrace their wishes. 

To their delight, take it a step further and create a new rule to pull the patrolling NYPD out of this particular parade detail altogether. Following their own newly-adopted regulations is the trend carried out by the Mob nowadays, as demonstrated. Police presence is required for every NYC parade, but there’s always an exception to the rule, as repeatedly exemplified in the past year. So pull the cops out, step back, and let Social Workers and Violence Interruptors work their unarmed magic.

They don’t want the NYPD. They don’t need the NYPD. Give them the alternative they desire.

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