Man, it’s bad enough that our US Men’s Soccer Team either flat-out sucks or underperforms at every World Cup tourney we play in, but is it asking so much for them to at least be likable? 

Did you see what the coach, Gregg Berhalter, was wearing during the 1-1 tie the Americans had with Wales in their first game? A Nike shirt with the word STATES written on it. 

Dude, we know things aren’t perfect here, and the country is not united the way we should be as a nation, but do you have to draw so much attention to it on such a big stage?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to wear a shirt that says “United States” for billions of people worldwide to see? 

The color of the shirt was black, so it didn’t incorporate red, white, or blue colors, and it felt like a political statement, much more than a fashion statement. 

What is up with our soccer teams?  They are embarrassing to prideful and patriotic American citizens. The Women’s National Team is famous for kneeling during our national anthem.  If you watch the World Cup, pay attention to other teams and their fans and how proud they are of their national anthems. It’s incredible. 

Shame on Nike and Gregg Berhalter for doing all they can to drive a wedge into the United States further and selfishly use a huge world stage as their personal stomping ground. 

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