We are living in one of the most revealing years of our lifetime, particularly when it comes to the glorious, lifesaving Covid-19 vaccine. But just how lifesaving is, (or was) it?

Time reveals all, and as research continuously points to the vaccine’s ineffectiveness – especially how it was initially sold to Americans, recent data keeps exposing its falsities and fatality.

According to researchers behind a new analysis by Humanity Projects, a wing of Portugal-based research firm Phinance Technologies, in the U.S., Covid-19 vaccines injured 26.6 million people, disabled 1.36 million people, and caused 300,000 excess deaths. The economic cost of damages resulted in $147 billion in 2022, alone.

Researchers behind The Vaccine Damage Project said they sought to “estimate the human cost,” including “deaths caused or hastened by the vaccines,” as well as “the impact on the overall economy of each aspect of the vaccine damage.”

In a tweeted overview, Edward Dowd, former wall street analyst and founding partner of Phinance Technologies shared the recent findings:

Utilizing data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other official government sources, Humanity Projects split the impact of the COVID-19 vaccines into four categories of human cost:

  • No effect/asymptomatic – 81% of the population fell into the “no effect or asymptomatic” group – individuals who did not experience adverse events following the COVID-19 inoculations.
  • Injuries (mild to moderate) – 18% fell into those who experienced mild to moderate adverse effects after vaccination that could be temporary in nature, long-term, or even permanent lower-performing effects.
  • Disabilities (severe injury) – found a 24.6% rise in disabilities since 2021, affecting an estimated 1.36 million individuals.
  • Death – Estimated 0.05% to 0.1% of the population ages 25-64, according to the researchers.

Using the “excess rate of related adverse events in vaccinated individuals (23.90%) obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s V-safe database, versus the placebo baseline (5.98%) in the Pfizer clinical trial,” the researchers concluded, “the pool of possibly injured individuals due to the vaccine is about 18% of the population.”

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