If the new CEO of WarnerDiscovery, (the parent company of CNN) has his way, CNN might actually look like a cable network that covers the news.  David Zaslav is running a business, and over-the-top political leanings are bad for business, judging by CNN”s ratings. 

This is an enormous media and entertainment company that owns Warner Bros. Film and TV studios, CNN, TBS, HBO, TLC, The Discovery Channel, DC Comics, and The Food Network. 

Zaslav is a no-nonsense leader who is paid big bucks (reportedly $#246 million a year) to make crucial decisions.  One of them was to kick CNN+ to the curve last month.  According to a Daily Mail report, he blasted employees who allowed Clint Eastwood to make the movie “Cry Macho” because Zaslav did not think it would be profitable, which he was correct about. Underlings informed him that Eastwood got the green light because he never turned in a movie late or over budget, and Zaslav reportedly replied, “It’s not show friends. It’s show business.”

He also put the kibosh on plans for HBO Max to produce a $75 million movie adaptation of a DC Comics superhero. 

He is reportedly planning to bring J.K. Rowling back to the fold to discuss new Harry Potter content for HBO Max after she was essentially canceled for her alleged views on transgender people. 

The boss went on CNBC and confirmed that CNN would be moving away from opinion-focused shows and going back to emphasizing breaking news and big stories. 

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