As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announcement has landed, he isn’t going into the presidential fray with great momentum. The sliding downward trend of bad polling for him is showing no signs of slowing down.

A CNN poll is the latest to spell grim news for the Florida presidential aspirant.

Former President Donald Trump is at 53% while DeSantis clocks in at 26%. To be fore, it’s no longer a 60 point gap as previous polls had him at, but it’s still not good.

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley is gaining some slight momentum, she’s at 6%. Former Vice President Mike Pence is tied with her, creating a close contest for third place.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Tim Scott tie at 2%. Not great momentum for Scott, considering he just announced, and snagged a lot of positive press in the process.

And Nevada Newsmakers released a poll with Trump at 51% to DeSantis’s 21%. Haley comes in third with 5%, while Vivek Ramaswamy clocks in at 3%.

All this spells bad news for DeSantis and really all of Trump’s challengers. But even if it were mono e mono, Trump would still win by around 10 points or so.

Of course, movement is possible. But this quick bouts of good press and momentum for the non Trumpers don’t seem to be doing much.

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