Nearly 100 Million Americans Could be BANNED From Buying Gas Cars

Get ready, because we’re all in for a ride 😉

Washington, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Vermont are planning to adopt California’s ban on new gasoline-fueled vehicles. Many other states are actively considering whether they will follow suit. This is all part of the Build Back Better agenda, Great Reset, and Agenda 2030.

Even if states don’t ban gasoline-fueled vehicles, people will be very limited in choosing cars that offer gas or diesel because car companies will stop producing gas cars.

Many states in “The United” States of America are likely to follow suit and ban new gas cars by the year 2035.

Europe has taken the lead by committing to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

Their goal is to remove carbon from the transportation industry, and the European Union has been pushing a plan to ban the sales of new gas and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035. They are calling to cut CO2 emissions in new vehicles by 100% by 2035.

Here are some car companies that will be switching to electric:

Jaguar (2025)

Alfa Romeo (2027)

Lotus (2028)

Bentley (2030)

Cadillac (2030)

GM (2035)

Lexus (2030)

Mercedes-Benz (2030)

Mini (2030)

Rolls-Royce (2030)

Volvo (2030)

Audi (2033)

Chevrolet / GMC / Buick (2035)

Whether we like it or not, it seems that the elites’ agenda is being rolled out quite nicely.

Corporations are very powerful. Governments, the media, the indoctrinating education system, the banks, religious institutions, and the elites manipulate the masses to believe that they have “freedom” and live in a democracy or republic through elections.

Elections are simply a disguise for the tyrannical government we are under control.

Most people are starting to realize the reality of our corrupt society.

The question is, to what extent will we go to ensure our freedoms remain and these agendas are put to an end?

They (elites, governments, corporations, banks, and the institutions) don’t want you to own anything or operate your own business and make your own money because they want the people to be dependent upon the system.

In simple terms, they are trying to force us into communism.

Entrepreneurs are the controllers’ biggest enemies because they are self-sufficient and don’t rely on governments and large corporations for an income.

Electric vehicles are another form of government control

If it were truly “environmentally friendly,” it would be great. However, the reality is that this is just another way governments may control its citizens which they seem to view as nothing more than cattle.

If people are dependent on electricity to charge their vehicles, imagine what would happen during a power outage or natural disaster causing electricity to be down!

Switching to electric vehicles BY FORCE enables governments to control their citizens and shut down the electricity at any given moment.

Batteries and mining takes a tremendous toll on our planet.

How can this be eco-friendly? 

Lithium Mining

The Great Reset

After all, this is part of The Great Reset, Build Back Better, Agenda 2030, and New World Order agendas put together by our global elites. These are common terms for the same agenda.

Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of politicians are all in on the agenda. This isn’t a matter of Democrat VS Republican.

It’s the 99% vs the 1%.

Need more proof?

Look at any American dollar. It’s been on there forever but has managed to remain hidden because it’s kind of the “unspoken word…”

Meanwhile, media personalities and other corrupt politicians have the audacity to call this a “conspiracy theory” when it’s right in our face.

This is a common tactic of the elite.

They actually tell us what they are going to do before they do it. Part of it is that they think the citizens are stupid. They view the people as nothing more than cattle which is why many believe there is an agenda to depopulate the planet because there are too many of us.

This will be a very fun (yet disturbing) rabbit hole to go down. Be sure to use duckduckkgo, bitchute, rumble, and yandex to research without censorship.

New World Order is on the U.S. dollar. This agenda has been in the making for generations.

President Biden adopted his campaign slogan “Build Back Better” from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

The Build Back Better agenda contains $320 billion in clean energy funding, including the EV tax credits and funding for charging stations.

The mandate is facing fierce pushback in states like Minnesota, where the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association argues the weather prohibits the use of solely electric vehicles.

“The technology is such that the vehicles just don’t perform that well in cold weather,” Scott Lambert, the trade group’s president, told the Associated Press. “We don’t all live in southern California.”

Colorado is another state against the electric vehicle mandate.

“While the governor shares the goal of rapidly moving towards electric vehicles, he is skeptical about requiring 100% of cars sold to be electric by a certain date as technology is rapidly changing,” the Colorado Energy Office told the AP.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Virginia are attempting to cut themselves off from California’s standards. The state passed legislation subjecting itself to California’s standards in 2021, when Democrats controlled the legislature and the governor’s office.

The Republican governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin called the legislation “ridiculous” last week.

“In an effort to turn Virginia into California, liberal politicians who previously ran our government sold Virginia out by subjecting Virginia drivers to California vehicle laws,” Youngkin wrote in a statement on Twitter.

“Now, under that pact, Virginians will be forced to adopt the California law that prohibits the sale of gas and diesel-fueled vehicles.”


Do you think switching to electric vehicles and banning gas cars is a good or a bad idea?

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