NASA is getting back into the space game in a big way, and on Christmas morning, it sent the revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope into space to start the one million-mile journey it will be embarking on. 

The liftoff was successful, as rocket scientists celebrated by shouting “Go Webb, go” as the telescope module separated from the rocket giving it a lift.  

This new piece of incredible technology will replace the Hubble telescope, which is now 30-years old. The Hubble has been sending amazing space images to earth for decades, but wait until you hear the James Webb Space Telescope plans. 

It is supposed to be traveling so far out into space it will be able to look back in time 13.5 billion years.  (You read that correctly). 

The launch in French Guinea went according to plan, and according to a NASA spokesperson, it will now “usher in a new era of astronomy.”

It will take a month to coast into the spot in the solar orbit a million miles from earth. The Webb is roughly 100 times more sensitive than the Hubble, and the magic of this device will hopefully give scientists an understanding of the entire universe and how we earthlings fit into it. 

The project started in 1996, but now it is zooming through space, ready to send some awesome selfies that hopefully will unlock some secrets of space. 

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