Elon Musk can’t keep his thoughts on going private in privacy.

Dave Lee intrigued Musk earlier this week with an idea of formulating a parent company, perhaps “X,” and the investing YouTuber kept the conversation going to draw another response from Musk on the idea of taking Tesla private.

“Engineering, design & general company operations absorb vast majority of my mind & are the fundamental limitation on doing more,” the Tesla CEO tweeted Thursday in reply to Lee’s speculation about Musk’s future corporate structure. “Tesla public company duties are a much bigger factor, but going private is impossible now (sigh).”

Musk might think Tesla could be more innovative, but it already joined the benchmark S&P 500 index this week, with shares increasing 670% since Jan. 1.

This conversation became more prominent in August 2018, when Musk tweeted that he was “considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured!” The stock rose $16 in the next five minutes.

When the Securities and Exchange Commission learned that he did not have financing, Musk was fined $20 million and forced to give up his role as the Tesla board chairman. A year later, he tweeted “The stock is so high lol” when Tesla hit the $420 mark.

Musk was active with the revelations on Twitter on Thursday, also tweeting that the SpaceX internet beaming satellite business would likely be his next venture to go public “once revenue growth is reasonably predictable.”

So we can probably expect that initial public offering on April 20 … you know, 4/20.

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