In some states, local government officials will go out of their way to create an environment that encourages companies with a market cap approaching $1 trillion to oh, I don’t know, stay in that state. 

Welcome to California, where that just doesn’t line up with the very liberal agenda of Democrats who could care less who or what leaves for a better business climate. 

Last week Elon Musk announced he is moving Tesla headquarters from Palo Alto to Austin, Texas.  He didn’t say exactly when, but he is hinting to why.

Because of a tweet that Democratic congresswoman Lorena Gonzalez directed at Musk back on May 9, 2020 when the state started locking down businesses at the beginning of the pandemic. 

What could she have tweeted that would force Musk to take this drastic action?  How about this?

“F—k Elon Musk.”

The unknown politician with the aggressive fingers was ripping Musk for using billions of dollars in government subsidies to pay for Tesla operations, and she was reacting to Musk’s criticism of the states draconian lockdown measures. 

Musk called the restrictions “fascist,” which ticked off the Assemblywoman and led her to launch her vulgar tirade. 

On Friday, there was an article from the Tesla news site called that said Tesla decided to move their headquarters to Texas because of the Gonzalez tweet.  Musk responded to by saying “exactly.” 

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