New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s star continues to fall, with two more women accusing Cuomo of inappropriate behavior.

The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post reported comments Saturday from Ana Liss and Karen Hinton former work colleagues of Cuomo whose allegations join those from former Cuomo aides Charlotte Bennett and Lindsey Boylan.

Liss, now 35, told the Journal that when she was a policy and operations aide to Cuomo, 63, from 2013-15, he once hugged her, kissed her on both cheeks and grabbed her waist for a photo.

“Reporters and photographers have covered the governor for 14 years watching him kiss men and women and posing for pictures,” Cuomo senior adviser Rich Azzopardi said in a statement Saturday.

“At the public open house mansion‎ reception there are hundreds of people and he poses for hundreds of pictures. That’s what people in politics do.”

Hinton worked as a press aide to Cuomo when he led the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. She told the Post he once summoned her to his hotel room, embraced her, then, as she pulled away, he pulled her back to him.

Peter Ajemian, Cuomo’s director of communications, told the Post, “This did not happen.”

“Karen Hinton is a known antagonist of the Governor’s who is attempting to take advantage of this moment to score cheap points with made up allegations from 21 years ago,” he said.

Cuomo, denying the allegations, said he was sorry for his behavior.

“I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable,” he said Wednesday. “It was unintentional. And I truly and deeply apologize for it.”

Some New York lawmakers weighed in via Twitter.

Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, (D-Westchester) tweeted “He’s toast” on Saturday night.

Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou (D-Manhattan), added: “Cuomo must resign or we must impeach him.”

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