The revelation of a foiled plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was frightening and startling enough, but the details were much darker with a terrorist plot that planned to storm the Michigan State Capitol, take hostages and execute them on television over the course of a week.

The specifics of the plan to kill everyone in the capitol building were revealed in a Michigan attorney general’s office brief that was obtained by USA Today. The brief was an attempt to prevent the pretrial release of Pete Musico, one of the men charged in the plot to kidnap the governor. He was released Oct. 30 on a bond, which was reduced from $10 million to $100,000 after the brief had been filed a week earlier.

The ringleader, Adam Fox, is facing federal charges for his attempt to organize the Wolverine Watchmen, who the brief showed had a private Facebook group with rules including “Boojahidden only, No feds, statist, cops, bootlickers or commies or ethnonationalist,” according to USA Today. Boojahidden are armed fighters willing to die for a cause and are often rogue military members or law enforcement officers preparing for the “boogaloo,” a civil war stemming from an uprising against government.

Six men face federal charges in the kidnapping plot with eight more receiving state charges. Fox wanted to recruit 200 men and take over the capitol building while lawmakers were in session. In Plan A, they would execute people on television. In Plan B, they would lock the doors and set the building on fire.

Training exercises, including ambush tactics, were held on at least three occasions, according to state prosecutors. “Put your vest on, gear up and hunt the rich,” the brief quoted Musico saying in April, according to USA Today.

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