The picture being painted by investigators of Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner gets clearer every day. On Tuesday, officials said the man responsible for creating Christmas-morning mayhem in downtown Nashville was a police hater who frequently would spout anti-police rhetoric. According to a person who worked with Warner as far back as the 1970s, Tom Lundberg, Warner allegedly said, “I hate cops. They’re all corrupt.”

Lundberg and Warner worked for a security system company and spent many days together for “a couple years,” according to Lundberg. They would drive from job to job together and Warner would use that forum to talk about his disdain for police.

Another interesting development Tuesday involved a change Warner made in his life in the days leading up to the blast, making it seem his plan was to perish in it. He gave away his car, telling the recipient that he was suffering from cancer.

Then there is the odd angle of the story about Warner signing a document to transfer ownership of his home in Tennessee to a 29-year-old woman in California who works in the entertainment industry.

As for Warner’s job as a freelance IT consultant, he allegedly told one of his employers that he was retiring.

The only arrest on Warner’s record was a 1978 marijuana charge. Officials said they had no idea who Warner was before Christmas, and he was not on their radar as a potential domestic terrorist.

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