Whether or not the second presidential debate even happens is still up in the air. If it does go down, there are renewed calls to replace moderator Steve Scully after a tweet directed at former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci emerged.

Scully, who is the political editor of C-SPAN and host of its “Washington Journal” program, sent the following tweet on Thursday evening: “@Scaramucci should I respond to trump.”

The tweet in and of itself is harmless, but it clearly looks like Scully intended to send the message to Scaramucci privately, and it opens the door for critics to ask what exactly preceded that message.

Anthony Scaramucci was once a supporter of Donald Trump but has since changed his beliefs and has been very outspoken in his support for Joe Biden.

“It appears that our moderator for the next debate thinks he’s dm’ing with Scaramucci but accidentally tweeted at him. I’m sure he’ll be a fair and unbiased moderator,” Daily Caller’s Greg Price tweeted out.

Scully’s credibility as the debate moderator was already questioned by critics as they pointed to the fact that he had once interned for then-senator Joe Biden. In a Thursday-evening tweet, Joe Concha of The Hill pointed out just how problematic all of this is for Scully and the media as a whole: “What? Why is the next presidential debate moderator publicly asking one of Trump’s staunchest critics in Anthony Scaramucci if he should respond to the president? In a related story, Scully once interned for Sen. Joe Biden. Optics here are horrible & underscore mistrust in media.”

Trump pulled out of the Scully-moderated debate after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the upcoming town hall–style debate would be moving to a virtual format.

With all this drama surrounding the next debate, it’s a shame if it wouldn’t happen.

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