Love him or loathe him, and for most people it was one or the other, Rush Limbaugh was a giant in the radio business.

The most prominent voice for conservatives in America, Limbaugh’s show has been syndicated by the Premiere Radio network since 1988. 

His show was so popular nationally, that it had over 600 affiliates that carried it every day. His dominance and influence is so strong, that he helped make Sean Hannity’s show the second most-listened to in the country, partly for the simple fact Hannity followed him on the schedule for Premiere Networks. 

He was equal parts showman, bombastic, controversial, outrageous, articulate and creative.  He stirred extreme emotions for those who hated his show and what he stood for, as much as his incredibly loyal fans who couldn’t consider going through a weekday not listening to him. 

Not bad for someone who worked for the Kansas City Royals in sales at the beginning of his career. 

He went on to earn a staggering fortune. How big? How did his earnings compare with other radio giants?

Here are the highest paid radio hosts in the U.S. (according to Statista)

  1. 1. Howard Stern.     $105 million

2. Rush Limbaugh.   $87 million 

3. Ryan Seacrest:     $74 million

4. Sean Hannity:       $36 million

5. Glenn Beck:          $8.5 million

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