NY Gov Andrew Cuomo, facing a nursing home scandal, sexual harassment allegations, and pressure from fellow Democrats–and many others– to resign, speaks in February of 2021 in this photo from Vanity Fair

The widely-circulated Siena College poll revealed today that most New Yorkers say Governor Andrew Cuomo Should not resign.

Put another way: it appears “most” of the 805 registered voters polled were used as a damage control tactic to speak for 8.2 million NYC residents and 19.2 million in the state– as microscopic sample size usage is a repeat offense in the world of polling. 

The practice of disseminating disputable data and weaponizing journalism as a mass manipulation maneuver have become all too normalized across the board. While some parts of this poll reflected some negative views, the media eagerly highlighting the more encouraging parts to plaster all over today’s headlines looks like yet another biased platter of propaganda to lessen the perpetual sting of harsh public opinion against Cuomo. 

There are countless more New Yorkers who, if given the opportunity, would voice their opinion for what appears to be a conveniently placed PR stratagem. Without question, the results would be vastly different.

In general, the legitimacy of poll results are often questionable, especially when appearing to favor  who is actually on the opposite end of said results. Take Hillary Clinton in 2016 for example, whose Presidential run unexpectedly imploded despite endless polls showing her far ahead of opponent Donald Trump leading up to the eve of Election night.

When it comes to polls, tread lightly.

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