We’ve come a long way in four years. The U.S. Transportation Administration (TSA – which apparently does more than frisk passengers and monitor security gates at airports) released results from the Memorial Day weekend, and the total number of flyers was roughly the population of Minneapolis more than the total number of flyers in 2019.

Almost 9.8 million passengers were screened or passed through security checks over the four-day weekend. That is 300,00 more than four years ago over Memorial Day. 

The FAA said things were pretty smooth in the air, too, with just 0.6% of flights canceled. IN 2022 2.3% of flights didn’t take off. That’s an impressive performance by the airlines. 

Another interesting finding from this report is the fact that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg actually went to work on Tuesday.  That’s a pretty extraordinary thing for the rather inexperienced and unqualified cabinet member.  He even sent out a tweet commenting on the travel performance. “Low levels of delays and cancellations over the holiday weekend are evidence that sector-wide collaboration to improve airline reliability is on the right track.”

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, seems to be quite proud of himself. Relax, Pete, that’s your job. 

This past weekend was the tuneup and opening act for what will undoubtedly be a busy summer for air travel. Airlines for America is an industry group that estimates a record 256.8 million passengers will fly in late June-August.  

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