The Miami Marlins pulled off the unexpected during the shortened 2020 season, making the playoffs as a big-time long shot. The organization followed that pattern on Friday.

While “safe” hires are still being made (see La Russa, Tony), the Marlins have made history by bringing on Kim Ng as Major League Baseball’s first female GM.

Ng, 51, was MLB’s senior vice president of baseball operations for the past nine years. She has also served as assistant GM for the Yankees and Dodgers, making a big climb from humble beginnings. She began her career as an intern with the Chicago White Sox in 1990.

Born in Indianapolis and raised in Queens, Long Island and New Jersey, Ng graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in public policy.

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, who knew Ng from their time with the Yankees in the 1990s, said the Marlins eagerly anticipate Ng’s “knowledge and championship-level experience.”

According to the Marlins’ press release, she’s “believed to be” the first female GM for any North American professional men’s sport franchise. She’s also the highest-ranking Asian-American in MLB.

“This challenge is one I don’t take lightly,” Ng said in a statement. “When I got into this business, it seemed unlikely a woman would lead a major league team, but I am dogged in the pursuit of my goals. My goal is now to bring championship baseball to Miami.”

The hiring was met with approval around baseball and in the media. A Sporting News story underscored Ng’s considerable experience and ability.

“Hiring Ng is only ‘outside the box’ because no other franchise has hired a woman GM, not because Ng is short of credentials and/or experience for the job. This is not a publicity hire. This is a ‘make the Marlins better’ hire. End of story.”

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