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    • The question is when is the recession going to take place? When is this going to happen. It worries me because I cannot make my move for a long time. Working over at the gym, getting into personal training. It makes think are theCEO`s of companies aware and are they doing the thing to prevent “The Next Market Crash” if so who are and who is not doing it. Either way it is good to have a window open for more people to come into the world of business.

  • How can I receive personal advice from your financial planning services? My wife and I are retired with two basic 401k plans and would like to be prepared for our future. Thanks! Love your YouTube podcasts!!! Just finished viewing, “Market Crash Strategy”. Excellent advice!

  • For me, none of the community links work. Just joined as a free member, clicking on groups gets me to login page, even though i am already logged in. logging in again gets me back to the main site with headlines. Is this supposed to be this way?

  • Hey Pat I’m a small time investor new to this I have about 1000 left of stocks . My plan is to sell my stocks and move to Gold and accumulate gold during the next 24 – 36 months . Then if or when the market crash cash in on buying some of these low stocks . I’m really determined to turn my next 0 into 100000. What’s your advice or a video that can point me in the right direction.

  • Hi guys, yes, we are going to have a market crash in upcoming years, months or days. After doing the research & listening. So, let’s all get ready for it by sharing our thoughts & knowledge on this platform which Mr. Partrick Bet David has created. Get ready to come out with flying colors after the crash.
    My thought only!!
    First of all we need to have a look on our portfolio how can we diversify to gain,
    My personal portfolio looks like this (do suggest for any changes) Stock 05%, Crypto 15%, Precious metal 25%, Hard cash 35%, Mutual funds 20%. Q.A Should I take more loan from the bank to keep more hard cash during the crash? (13% interest in my country)

    • You should be in 75-80% liquid cash at present.
      No point in having an allocation of 20% in Mutual funds when the markets head south.

      Crypto: 50% ( The Blue chips – $BTC $ETH $BNB $SOL $AVAX $MATIC $NEAR $ALGO $ETC $MANA $SAND $AAVE $ENJ )

      Stocks: 25% New growth sectors – Cloud Computing, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Green Energy,Internet of Things, Pharmaceuticals, Information Security.

      Emerging Industries: Esports, Cybersecurity, Lab grown meat, Cleantech & The business of cannabis – The cannabis industry is estimated to be worth $61 billion in the US alone, and has caught the eye of savvy business leaders, investors, and manufacturers looking to make a stake in a highly lucrative industry.

      Precious metal: 5%

      Cash at hand for new opportunities: 20%

      I would deferentially keep away from any form of loans to fund investments unless you have assets that are apprenticing and can withstand some short term deflation. 13% APR is day light robbery my friend !

      No point in adding further risk to your plan as you dont know what tomorrow brings.

      • Tnxs for input, Ya the mutual fund I’m stuck with, lock in of 5 years 2 more years to go did expect the things to changes so soon.

        But things happens.

        Crypto: All good

        Stocks: Don’t you think v need to stay away from it for now, when u can buy it for 50% or 75% cheap. All the Tom, Dick & Harry are in it now. Yes, I had booked my profit 2 year’s back & regret now lol.

        Regarding green energy for long term, it doesn’t make sense, with green energy V cannot power up the entire global & there is more carbon emission while disposing FYI, it will be nuclear which is going to be the green energy. Have a look into this company & update

        Emerging Industries: No doubts about it.

        Precious metal: More than gold I love silver because of its demand,
        the supply is getting exhaust from the earth. Fan fact: – Every year 02% of silver disappears from the earth. I have even got copper bars!!!! hahaha.

    • I have read that tax brackets are going up – mainly due to Baby Boomers retiring. When they retire they stop paying Medicare and Social Security taxes, and then ask for their Social Security and Medicare benefits. So very smart economists expect all tax brackets to double – that means 70% Fed tax bracket (the same it was in 1980.)

      Per that vision (unless the Baby Boomers die en masse) 401K’s will be taxed very hard, that is you “save” taxes today at lower tax brackets and pay taxes at much higher tax brackets upon distribution.

      I would invest in tax-free distribution type assets.

  • Mutual Funds have been getting out of market since February 12th 2021! IPOs have seen a drop of 50-90% after having gone up 200-500% that is not only not normal but it means this Recession/Depression will likely last 18-30 months ie till late 2023 early 2024. We may have a 2nd “Pandemic” due to Immune Escape, mass vaccinating post a pandemic. The market is not pricing this in at all & consumers will be impacted as much or more if this occurs late summer/fall 2022. Imagine if Spanish Flu hit in 1931-32 instead on 1918. Consumers spent money that wasn’t their’s but it felt good not they have to decide to spend as much or more $$$ with inflation at 40 years high.

    • Get a agenda and learn a skill.

      Coding, ecommerce

      Find what your community needs and providebit on a prototype

      Get higher movement than your peers
      Work on your health 1 hour a day
      Read a book like the next 5 moves

      Take advantage of this

  • Lets not forget shops like Fidelity and JPmorgan hording crypto as we speak.

    The e dollar coin is a high probability if the euro usd rate hits 1.44

    Consumers mass jumping ship for a free 1000$ ish.

    You can benefit. Get cash now and buy the dip of the real estate market not only in housing. But smart money choices, warehouses, distribution centers.

    Ecommerce will be survived by the brands and the delivery secctor goes electric.

    Did you get your solar panel yet?