Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie, hit the golf course like any other day. But this time, it came in front of the world.

The two, playing together, was newsworthy enough, but the resemblance in so many areas – the golf and the mannerisms – caused a viral social media stir.

On Wednesday, the PGA Tour’s official Twitter account published a video that captured the strong father-son connection with side-by-side clips of the 44-year-old icon and his 11-year-old son.

It’s pretty amazing.

They watch their shots the same way, execute a very similar fist-pump celebration, twirl their clubs and even rub their noses in a strongly similar fashion.

Fans jumped in quickly.

“Baby Tiger is the cutest,” one wrote.

Another added, “Mini-me is definitely picking up what Dad is putting down.”

And it wasn’t only the mannerisms. Charlie has game.

The young golfer drove the ball 175 yards, setting up an eagle – the first of the day. And he’s 11, did we mention that?

“Awesome shot,” Dad said when the pair reached the green.

“I don’t think words can describe it. Just the fact that we were able to have this experience together, Charlie and I,” Woods told reporters. “It’s memories for a lifetime.”

As for the next few years, some believe stardom is coming.

Golf champ Padraig Harrington is impressed. He said he’s seen only three truly memorable golf swings.

“Gary Player, Lee Trevino and Charlie Woods,” he said in a USA Today story. “… And on the opposite end of the scale at 11 years of age you have Charlie Woods and what’s ahead of him. It is interesting. Push Tiger aside. You’re not the story anymore.’’

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