Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over Donald Trump’s New York fraud trial, threatened to jail the former President midway through his trial following a report from a liberal activist PAC (Political Action Committee) that claimed he violated his gag order. The PAC even bragged about their influence on the Judge in a follow-up blogpost.

The story was first reported on by The National Pulse. In their piece, they explain how the PAC in question, MeidasTouch, put out a report claiming Trump’s campaign website had violated a court-imposed “gag order,” or an order that prevents one from speaking about an ongoing case.

Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of The National Pulse, tweeted it the article out and was retweeted by Trump’s son Don Jr.

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The order was initially placed on Trump because of a TruthSocial post in which he accused Engoron’s principal law clerk of being a friend of Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY-D). The implication was that Engoron has political motives influencing his judicial ruling, which ought to be impartial.

MeidasTouch claimed on Thursday afternoon that Trump violated the gag order by not removing the post from his campaign website after 17 days.

Soon after their article was published, Trump’s campaign removed the post—but not before the authorities were tipped off by it. As MeidasTouch themselves later boasted, the New York Attorney General’s Office notified the Court of the post hours after their article was published. According to a report from The Messenger, Judge Engoron flamed Trump for the post Friday morning, asking him why he shouldn’t face “serious sanctions” for his “blatant violation of the gag order” such as fines or “possibly imprisoning him.”

Attorney Christopher Kise defended Trump, saying the post was an “inadvertent” result of previous cross-platform social media messaging.

Engoron argued that the post could have led to “serious physical harm and worse” for his clerk, who was seated next to him. After the Trump team’s defense, Engoron and his clerk Greenfield exchanged whispers before announcing they would have to take the matter “under advisement.”

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