Rapper Bryson Gray was living large with a red hot song called “Let’s Go Brandon” becoming a YouTube and social media sensation. 

The lyrics came from an NBC NASCAR reporter, who naively thought a huge crowd of race fans in Alabama were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” when in fact they were screaming in unison “f—- Joe Biden.” 

Gray jumped into action, recorded a song that soared to near the top of the charts on iTunes. 

Gray was wearing an over-sized MAGA hat in the video, and whether it was because of that, or a different reason YouTube provided, the song has been taken off YouTube. 

YouTube said they ripped it off the platform because of lyrics which spread “medical misinformation.”

In the song, Bray raps “pandemic ain’t real, they just planned it.” Another part of the song contained this; “Biden said the job stop the spread, it was lies. 

Saturday, Gray posted a message that compared YouTube to a Communist dictatorship, and he actually gave Google a compliment for making the song more popular. 

“I want to thank YouTube for banning my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song. All y’all did was piss a bunch of people off and made more people go listen to it. Let’s Go YouTube. Commies.”

Gray’s song is one of three separate “Let’s Go Brandon” songs, and the version by Loza Alexander is currently No. 2 on YouTube. 

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