Friday, Harvard students received a one-of-a-kind lesson about running a successful business from Kim Kardashian. The billionaire influencer and business owner discussed her underwear and leisurewear line, SKIMS. The course is called Moving Beyond DTC. Of course, film crews were also in the class. The Kardashians have lived most of their life on camera through the family reality show. According to TMZ, the speech lasted about two hours.

How Succesful is SKIMS?
It may seem like a long speech, but that’s how long it takes when your business is booming like Kim’s. Kim launched the shapewear brand alongside her co-founder, Jens Grede, in 2019. By 2022, SKIMS was worth $3.2 billion. The brand’s popularity might have a lot to do with its mission of celebrating body positivity. Experts say the shapewear brand has inclusive sizing, direct purchasing online, and clever social media marketing.

Learn From Kim Kardashian
Even without SKIMS, taking a few notes from Kim wouldn’t hurt. She is the richest Kardashian of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings. The billionaire has several business ventures, including KKW Beauty, and she’s even in the tech industry with her popular app, Hollywood. During her time at Harvard, Kim also talked about launching her new private equity firm, which will help new entrepreneurs. The firm will make investments in areas like consumer media and entertainment businesses, consumer products, luxury, hospitality, and digital commerce and media


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