Kyle Scott might be spending less money on private jets, bling, and gifts for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner in the future, because he’s been hit with a barrage of lawsuits since ten people were killed and hundreds injured at his Astroworld music festival. 

Scott, Drake, and Live Nation were hit with a giant suit this week in Houston, a $750 million doozy filed on behalf of more than 125 fans.   Included in the lawsuit is the family of one of the people who died.  The suit is pretty straightforward; it claims Scott and the show’s organizers were negligent in the festival’s planning. 

The plaintiffs and their lawyer, high-powered Houston attorney Tony Buzbee say security was a huge problem, and the people working weren’t appropriately trained in crowd control. 

21-year old Axel Acosta is one of the ten people who died, and there are specifics of his injury in the lawsuit. 

“When Axel collapsed, he was trampled by those fighting to prevent themselves from being crushed. As he lay there under a mass of humanity, dying, the music played and streamed on — for almost forty minutes.”

As for the massive amount of money the plaintiffs are asking for, Buzbee feels it’s justified. 

“No amount of money will ever make these Plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can restore human life.”

This suit is a drop in the bucket in what Scott is facing. Buzbee is coming at him again with a lawsuit filed on behalf of another 100 plaintiffs, and attorney Ben crump announced a suit on behalf of 100 Astroworld attendees. 

Here’s part of what Crump has said. 

“This should have never, ever happened.  People were literally fighting for their lives just to get out of there. … This is a horrific story. … We have to get the answers. Nobody should ever die from going to a concert.”

The lawyers are coming hard for Scott and the music festival with his name on it, which means he’s facing a very long and difficult 2022 in his hometown. 

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