Republicans are staking their claim as the “party of the American worker” and declaring the 2020 election as a “mandate against socialism.” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy made the comments this week as Republicans continue to make shocking gains in the House.

Many analysts and polls prior to Election Day predicted the Democrats picking up anywhere from 15 to 20 seats in the House, in what was predicted to be a “blue wave.” The reality was basically the opposite as Republicans have picked up at least nine seats in the House so far and could still end up gaining a couple more as ballot counting continues.

Nancy Pelosi last week said that Joe Biden “has a strong mandate to lead and he’ll have a strong Democratic House with him and many Democrats in the Senate.” She went on to say, “We did not win every battle in the House, but we did win the war.”

McCarthy fired back on Thursday saying the mandate given by the American people was a “mandate against socialism. It was a mandate against defunding the police. It was a mandate against wasting a majority that the Democrats have done for the last Congress.” McCarthy went on to say, “While the Democrats praise socialism and advocated to defund the police, our members made a commitment to America, that they would restore our way of life, rebuild our economy and renew the American Dream. We are eager and ready to show up to work.”

The GOP is clearly celebrating unexpected gains, but also the changing dynamics of the party as at least 26 GOP women will be taking a seat in the House in 2021. Republican women played a large role in flipping a number of previously held Democratic seats.

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