Electric vehicles aren’t for everyone.  Lamborghini knows that, and they have two new vehicles they are rolling out, designed for the high net worth individual looking to make a statement with a a half million dollars or so to burn…

Here’s a break from the constant stream of news stories about what new car manufacturer is going electric.

While Tesla, VW, Ford, Cadillac and Hummer battle for the latest headline about going green, Lamborghini hasn’t thrown out their molds for internal combustion engines, and they are going after the crowd with green in their pocket. 

Fresh off reporting that 2020 was their second-best sales year of all time, Lamborghini has released plans for two new models they have coming out this year. 

Details are scarce, but according to a press release the company sent out the two new vehicles will be an homage to their “iconic V12.”

In-the-know auto watchers are taking advantage of the mystery to hint that the new car could be similar to the Sian that came out in 2020. 

On top of the two new cars the Italian automaker is coming out with that is shrouded in secrecy, the company already announced details about the Huracan STO.

Built for speed, of course, the street-legal racer has a specially tuned V-10 under the hood, which will generate 640 hp. 

The price starts at $327,838 for the Huracan. Cars will start arriving sometime this spring. 

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