It’s been a good year for Stan Kroenke.  Wait, scratch that, every year is a great one for the man smart enough to marry into the Walton family and instantly become a billionaire, but Stan’s the man because he’s done something with that family wealth.  He turned it into championships. 

Kroenke has invested a fortune buying professional sports teams and has a winning formula once he purchases them. He hires great people, isn’t cheap when it comes to talent, and he stays out of the way.

That strategy has paid off in a big way. In February, Kroenke’s Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl, in their home stadium no less. The stadium he spent over $4 billion on is regarded as the greatest and most spectacular stadium in the world. 

Later that month, the Colorado Mammoth, another franchise under the umbrella of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, won the National Lacrosse League Cup. 

Hopefully, Kroenke enjoys the taste of champagne because he was sipping on it again Sunday night when his Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup on their home ice in Denver. 

That adds up to three major sports championships in the span of a measly four and a half months.  He’s hoisted three major trophies in the span of 135 days. 

If you’re wondering if he owns any other teams, yes, he does.  The Denver Nuggets bailed in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and his Colorado Rapids MLS team is currently 10th in the league.

Sorry, Stan.  You can’t win them all. 

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