Pollaiuolo’s Hercules and the Hydra (c. 1475). Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Killing Trump on Twitter was perhaps the worst move Democrat politicians and their legacy and social media allies could have advocated for. Whether supported out of genuine fear of Caesarian intentions or as a raw political move to silence their greatest enemy, banning Trump was a massive own goal.

Trump’s tweets were how most Americans simply knew and experienced Trump. They made Trump real. Physical. A direct presence in the minds of most Americans. Trump’s twitter account was probably more Trump than Trump. Killing the account was doing more than just killing Trump.

It was to strike back at the dark psychic tentacles which had constricted themselves around the minds of millions of Americans. White Supremacy, Nazism, Anti-intellectualism, Authoritarianism, all these boogiemen and more lurked behind every ill-conceived late night tweet storm. Every time Trump hit send on his phone, it was a clarion call to bigots across the country and to enemies of the US abroad, rallying them up to his cause. To live in a world where Trump could tweet, even we defanged of the Presidency, was to live in a world of fear, where a single dog whistle sent out in the dead of night could lead to mass killings from Right Wing Death Squads.

Trump’s tweets were violence.

Nothing motivates voters more than fear. Joe Biden did not win 80 million votes, the largest ever acquired by a candidate in US history, on the strength of his character or platform. He did not win it in a highly energetic campaign, rallying millions in towns in cities across the United States. He did not even win it off the legacy of his popular predecessor President Obama.

He won 80 million votes by pointing the spotlight at Donald Trump and walking away. This was the strategy that Democrats first chose to run in 2018 bringing them to a House Majority, and was the strategy that would ultimately propel Joe Biden into the White House and give the Democrats a majority in the Senate.

With mastery of the Federal government, given to them by their Campaigner in Chief, former President Donald Trump, the Democratic Party, voters and operatives, exulted in their total and absolute victory. Yet, in the midst of their celebrations the question still loomed large:

Now what?

A party defined purely by opposition, against one man no less, has almost nothing to support it beyond election day. The Democratic Party, learning from the Republican playbook of 2010 transformed themselves in 2016 into the Party of No. Anything President Trump was for, Democrats would be against, and when Donald wasn’t actually “for” anything, they could always fall back to his tweets.

Democrat Party operatives and allied media could always manage to select a choice tweet to gin up outrage against Trump and shore up support for their Party. News cycles which used to revolve around stretching a single major story for weeks or even months at a time rapidly compressed to the speed of Trump’s Feed.

The Democratic Party never had to give a cogent explanation of what they were for, just that they were against Trump. Tax policy? Not Trump. Environmental Plan? Not Trump. Border Policy? Not Trump. Foreign Policy? Not Trump. Pandemic Response? Not Trump. Vaccination Rollout Plan? Not Trump. Silicon Valley Censorship? Not Trump.

Trump was their whipping post. The shadow they could always box to keep their constituents in line and voting the Democrat Ticket. The golden goose that laid 140 character eggs.

So, they killed him.

Now without White Nationalist dog whistles clogging up the timelines of 80 million voters, they are finally free to look at the names and actions behind the Party, and it is clear that Democrats had no real plan beyond just winning. No actual cogent plan to govern and address the needs and concerns of America. As millions of Americans were crushed beneath the weight of COVID-19, the Democratic Party made their primary objective the impeachment of Donald Trump. Everyday Congress was reliving the “trauma” felt on January 6th to satisfy their pathetic vanity, was another day $1400 (an insult compared to the promised $2000) was kept out the mouths of starving Americans.

To these politicians, elections are all a game. A great vanity project on the soliloquy of their lives. The actual real concerns of the day, nothing more than distractions from the limelight. Governing and legislating, a chore, compared to the thrill of appearing on national TV.

In killing Trump, they became him.

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