Andrew Aker on Maui here.

The folks at Hawai’i Stands Up have been having freedom rallies on every island.   I joined many of them.

We rally outside with signs because we’ve been censored online.   Zuck can’t block us when we hold signs.

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Finally after this had been going on for SIX MONTHS already, the mainstream media finally sent someone out to ask us why we were rallying and what we were against.

The reporter failed to ask what we are really FOR but perhaps she was just a rookie and her producer was too?   Or perhaps the producer wanted to use NLP and “metaprogramming” to trigger people to be repelled by our messaging?

I didn’t take the bait.  I said what we stand FOR, not against.

But that’s all a moot point because…  They had a “mic malfunction” and no backup mics.   They DID get visual with no audio for their live segment to talk about vaccine “hesitancy”.

We had just a small group that day and without audio, there was no chance to say that our movement is statewide and that we are NOT the minorityWe get 80%+  thumbs up from passersby.

The reporter said she would send me links where I could see recordings of the live broadcast.   She didn’t.  So I texted her very nicely.   No answer.   So I called her.  A recorded message came on saying the number was blocked.

She gave me a crappy, smudged business card too by the way.  Not sure if it’s legal to reveal her name and show her card, so I left it off this post.

I guess I can go down to KHNL’s Maui office and see if we can get a meeting with someone over there.   Does that sound like a good idea?  Reply with a YES or NO plz!  I just think that honest journalism is sacred.  I wanna go there and see if I can find some honest journalists.   

Anyway, you can look forward to better videos coming soon!   I’m working with some friends on writing and video production.  We are getting into the groove and will have some more “edutaining” videos coming soon!

Please if you know anyone in Hawai’i that wants to stand up for freedom, send them to or they can email

Thanks so much for tuning in!   Thanks PBD and VTPost for providing this platform! 


Andrew Aker


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