In the most recent reminder to exercise caution when your finger is on your social media trigger, a Kentucky bride-to-be offered a painful retelling of a most embarrassing moment.

“Aubrey” was upset when her dress – ordered online during wedding preparations – “looked nothing like what I had ordered.”

In a Facebook post, she wrote: “Two weeks ago my wedding dress came in. I was really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry email to the company, wanting to return it.” She complemented the post with pictures.

Oh, no.

The reply from the store casually mentioned that Aubrey was wearing the dress inside out.

“Hi, you put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.”


It all could have ended there, but Aubrey wanted to be transparent, and her response has allowed for a heartfelt teaching moment.

On her Facebook page, with, we assume, is her soon-to-be husband, is this: “Duo of Paramedic/ER Nurse/Business Owner/Parents. Life is about making an impact, not an income.”

She attributed the oversight to life’s chaos of wedding planning and long work shifts.

“I wear scrubs and tactical boots for a livin’,” she added, and that “the dress actually turned out beautiful.”

Here’s an updated post from Sunday: “Over a week later I learned this very public apology circled the world in news stories and talk shows I didn’t even know about, translated to many languages I cannot speak, mentioned on media platforms we don’t even use.

“Some backlash as it is retold has been tough, but I do not regret sharing this very human moment, because the world truly does need more laughter, less hate, quicker apologies, and acknowledgement that customers are not always right. … I hope the moral becomes to #loveeachotherfromtheinsideout.”

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