Kansas will no longer permit changes in gender on birth certificates after the state passed a law solidifying the definition of a biological woman.

The state Department of Health and Environment announced on Friday that the new law prevents the state from legally recognizing any perceived identities outside of one’s biological sex. The legal back and forth in court led to the department stating it could “no longer process gender identity amendments to birth certificates.”

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“If KDHE previously changed your birth certificate to align with your gender identity, that birth certificate is still valid; however, if a certified copy of that record is requested, then the new copy must reflect the sex assigned at birth,” the department said.

Republican state Attorney General Kris Kobach responded to the initial policies set back in 2019 when Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s took office in 2019. Kobach said he was pleased with Kelly and the previous administration complying with the new law, adding a statement: “The intent of Kansas legislators was clear.”

Kobach posted on X: “The intent of [the Kansas legislature] was clear when lawmakers passed the Women’s Bill of Rights. KS birth certificates are state records that must reflect scientific fact as recorded by the doctor at the time of birth.”

His response was in reference to a state law passed earlier this year called the Women’s Bill of Rights, which defines men and women based on their “biological reproductive system.”

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