A viral video over the summer of a mob of Portland Black Lives Matter protesters beating a man in the streets has now led to a jail sentence for Marquise Love. The 26-year old Love was sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to the beating near downtown Portland.

On August 16, Love and several others pushed, kicked and punched Adam Haner after his truck smashed into a nearby light pole. In the disturbing video, Love can be seen running from behind Haner and kicking him in the head to the point that Haner was left unconscious. Haner had to be hospitalized and was able to return home a few days after the attack.

Haner has said that he had stopped at the protests in an effort to help a transgender woman who was being mugged. He also said that he felt he was attacked because he was white.

Love pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and felony riot. The district attorney in the case said that Love had expressed genuine remorse, apologized to Haner and wished him a speedy recovery.

The video clearly shows others involved in the beating but at this time no other people have been charged. 

Elected leaders in Portland, including Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, did condemn the incident. More than 3,000 people donated to a fundraiser for Haner, raising close to $150,000 since the assault.

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