For over a year, there’s been talk about alternative social media platforms that ideally would allow people to truly share their thoughts without fear of being censured or banned from sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  

Nothing of substance has really materialized until now.   Joe Rogan told his 7.8 million Twitter followers Sunday that he has opened an account on GETTR, and he encouraged his fans and followers to do the same. 

Here’s what he tweeted about moving to the new site. 

“Just in case sh-t over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well. Rejoice!”

He’ll probably have some high-profile company doing the same thing.  The same day Rogan joined GETTR, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene had her personal account permanently banned from Twitter.  The reason, according to Twitter, was for spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19.

GETTR is the social media platform launched on July 4 of 2021 by Jason Miller,  former advisor to President Trump.  At the time of the launch, he told Fox News his platform was created to be “independent from social media monopolies, independent from cancel culture; embracing free speech.”

It blew past a million downloads in its first few days. Miller said it was “the fastest-ever social media platform to reach 1 million users – which we were able to do just three days after launch.”

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